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October 2019, Bjørk-Guinevere Kinsella Eide and Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah founded a duo called Farasoo. This duo consists of Piano and Chromatic Santoor two percussive melodic instruments with almost the same infrastructure. They found this to be an interesting subject to explore. The combination of these instruments has rarely occurred before. The challenge with this ensemble lies for both players, mainly because of the balance, overtones, melodic phrasing, and musical interaction. 

Recently, they have extended their duo to also include electronics and they compose the music specifically for this newly established duo. For them, it's important to get connected to the music, to expand the view of their listeners. It is also a way of modernizing the traditional instrument Santoor.

Farasoo is a Persian word and means «far beyond», and they chose this word as their duo’s name to illustrate that they are going far beyond something that already exists.

Farasoo has played at festivals such as Melafestivalen and Nordland Musikkfestuke. They are going on tour March 2023 in south of Norway.

Farasoo: About
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